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About Eri Sabalvoro

About Erika

I'm Erika Sabalvoro (pronounced as sah-bal-vohroh)! I'm a social media and digital communications strategist from Manila, Philippines based now in Maryland and DC. Formerly worked at a digital agency, I've created different digital campaigns and pitches for clients in the hospitality and banking industries. I specialize in making social media audits and creating social media campaigns with the goals of growth hacking and social media engagement. 

Self-proclaimed storyteller, I also create and publish content catered to the millennial audience on different publications. 

if i'm not working, you can find me...


Reading a books or listening to a podcast

I just read The Art of People by Dave Kerpen and I'm searching for a new book to read! Meanwhile, I'm listening to How I Built This podcast.

Learning new things!

Self-learning photoshop & illustrator, huge thanks to the internet! Also, browsing at Pinterest to know what next meal should I cook. 

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