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About Erika

I'm Erika Sabalvoro (pronounced as sah-bal-vohroh) - a content creator, self-proclaimed storyteller, and closet tech-geek from Manila. I occasionally blog, do freelance writing for online publications, and manage social media and website for startups. It sounds impressive or pretentious depending on your POV, I know, but I'm just really trying to have these side hustles for creativity and my billsMost of the time you'll find me worried about what I'm not doing but supposed to be doing. 

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if i'm not working, you can find me...

Reading a book or listening to a podcast

You can track my Goodreads challenge and reading list for this year by clicking here - see, I'm not making things up! :)

As per my podcasts, I always listen to How I Built This, 1A, and Girlboss Radio for an entrepreneurial and creativity push.

Learning new things social and digital!

I'm a social media nomad and also a closeted html geek. Ever so eager to learn new things and be on the loop, I always read about online media news and trends. Some people call it FOMO, but sometimes it's just my competitiveness making up an irrational fear that I could be the out-of-date social media person in the room. Still- thank you internet! 

Looking for food, merchandise, and outfit inspiration on Pinterest!

I always distract myself from being too stressed by being on Pinterest- whether be it for food ideas or outfit inspirations! I've also recently created a Pinterest board where I pile some merchandise ideas and inspiration for my entrepreneurial and artsy side. It's kinda cool - you should try it and follow me!

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