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I offer my unique narrative of being raised in the Philippines as a middle-class kid and my irreverence to mediocrity and valiance to challenge when I moved as an immigrant in Maryland. Today, my insistence to challenge norms, to know different cultures and to stand in solidarity with them has led me to New York.

Erika S

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Hi! I’m Erika Sabalvoro.

I’m a learned strategist born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I grew up as a middle-class kid in a poverty-stricken city in Manila, which has made me self-aware and reflective about how my privilege mirrored my decisions, at the same length I am deeply inquisitive about people’s behavior and motivations. I am culturally adept at listening and observing people- and I share an enthusiasm to follow and understand trends.

As a middle child and the oldest sister to two siblings, I was trained to proactively assume leadership and serve as a role model by serving as an example, and striving without any direct instruction – and I am still is.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books, listening to Podcasts like How I Built This and We Are Next or writing for publications such as Girlboss, The Financial Diet, or Thrive Global.


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I grew up in in the nitty gritty streets of Tondo, Manila . I’m a city girl at heart, but I’ve always been fond of visiting different islands of the Philippines for leisure. I’ve been heavily influenced by the Filipino culture and I’ll always consider Philippines as my home, regardless of how long I have been living in the USA.


Bethesda, Maryland is my first home in the United States! I am a big art and culture nerd - and Maryland and Washington, DC are one of the best place to be immersed in it.


I’ve never lived anywhere else but Brooklyn when I moved to New York. I grew up in the city but I also loved art and being in a place where social stratification wasn’t such a huge thing - and that’s what I saw first in Brooklyn. I am currently living in Bed Stuyvesant, a few blocks a way from trains stations and hippie restaurant and bars, which what I currently need right now.


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