How To Craft Your Personal Brand on Instagram in 5 Easy Steps

Photo Credit: Hans Vivek

Evidently, Instagram has improved significantly and has been a total game changer for brands and people for the past 7 years since it was launched. Long gone are the days where users would upload ‘instant’ low-quality photos mindlessly for the sake of sharing something. People are using their Instagram as a portfolio for career purposes and a platform for revenue. Brands are using it to engage and to relate with their customers. In fact, influencer marketing on Instagram is now a billion dollar industry. 

Now, It’s all about content curation, consistency and aesthetic- almost everyone’s feed is a copy of a copy. Crafting and finding your brand and voice is challenging.  

How do you find your unique voice and brand when everyone’s telling you to do a specific pattern to be successful on Instagram? 
How can you be in control of your own identity online while getting inspirations?
How do you know you’re not emulating a user not worth emulating? 

Honestly, the answers will depend on YOU; on how would you position yourself. It’s so helpful having account inspirations and it’s also easy to lose your unique and personal brand by emulating someone else’s content. 

I’ve listed 5 Tips that you could use as a guide to crafting your own brand on Instagram:

1.    Be Authentic

Instagram is like a Pandora box full of highlight reel and fanciness that is often unreal. It’s easy to repost someone else’s content or post a stock photo of an expensive handbag or beautiful vacation trip and claim it as yours. No wonder why the word authentic is being overused and tossed easily at this time. Authenticity is being more than brave enough to live according to your values. It’s aligning what you say and post to what you really are and what you believe. Pretending to have a different life on social media is a lot of work and can’t be sustained. Don’t force your content. Post and create content that resonates with the real you.

Instagram realness inspiration: Chelsea Fagan @faganchelsea


I’ve been following Chelsea since she was a writer on Thought Catalog up to now she’s the founder of Financial Diet. Her personal brand is honestly what I aspire to have ever since I decided to have a brand. She’s witty as hell and her Instagram is definitely not the kind of Instagram you would see everyday. Why? She’s been vocal of practicing authenticity and transparency on social media and launched #TotalHonestyTuesday last year to promote it. In fact, TFD and Chelsea have stopped the campaign early this year to incorporate transparency on Instagram everyday and with other ways.

Transparency and Authenticity doesn't mean sharing everything -it's about practicing truth on what post you post- regardless if it's highlight reel or behind the scenes..

2.    Show Your Personality

One of our biggest advantages to brands when it comes to personal branding is the bunch of personalities we already have that makes ourselves relatable. It seems obvious, but most people feel rattled being a little bit personal on social media. Well, your opinions and voice are what makes you different from anyone else.

If you are witty, be witty! If you’re not, don’t force it and try to find your strengths and focus on it. Try not to worry about people’s opinions- as long as you’re being yourself you are one step ahead. When expressing opinions on politics and current events, take the high road when expressing it and you will be fine. 

Activism and class realness Inspo: Amandla Stenberg


3.    Pick A Theme – Visually or Conceptually

Some people like to create beautiful, bright, and colorful Instagram feeds. Some focus on style and architecture – some don’t really pay attention to visual aesthetic but to the consistency of the content they offer. The key takeaway is cohesiveness on the theme you pick. Create the mark you want strangers to see when they visit your account for the first 5 seconds.

Visual Theme Inspiration: Monling Lee @monlinglee

4.    Create Content That Would Resonate with Your Audience

Post content that would be relevant to your audience. Did they follow you for daily motivations or for inspirations? Just like any social media platform, Instagram is all about content creation and its currency is attention. Make engaging content and don’t post something for the sake of posting.

Content Inspiration: Gary Vaynerchuck @garyvee


5.    Try to Make A Really Really Visually Appealing Content

You can see it easily if a user is good or bad on Instagram by the quality of photo and video they post. You don’t necessarily need to take a photography course to have a visually appealing content, though it’s very helpful. Developers made it easier for us to edit raw photos by providing photo editing apps like Facetune, Afterlight, VSCO, and Snapseed. You can also create motivation graphics using apps like Over and Canva.

Editing photos take a little time but it will improve your aesthetic 100%.

Visual Aesthetic Inspiration: Jessica Walsh @jessicavwalsh

Overall, Instagram should be the social media platform where you can express your creativity and you can tell stories through engaging and interactive content. Successful Instagram brands and influencers plan their content a month before and have to shoot at a certain time to get the lighting they need for the photos they are taking. You will need to invest some time and effort if you really want recognition. It's a process and you will not notice the recognition overnight. You will need to WORK - and you should have fun while doing it!! Overall, it's still just Instagram. You still have a life outside of it.