Why I Love Online Shopping (and why I am an advocate of ASOS)

Why I advocate ASOS ErikaSabalvoro

When I moved to the USA, all I had was 2 checked-in luggage and one carry on bag full of clothes and snacks from the Philippines. I’ve selected the best ones and had to leave my go-to and favorite clothes since I can’t bring my wardrobe in the USA. Fast forward to having three jobs and affording to shop, I faced the hassle of shopping - malls and stores are always far for someone who can't drive yet. And since I used to have three jobs, I’ve felt like the transporation is robbing me the time that I should be resting – I decided that I would just do online shopping. I’ve relied on people’s opinion of best online shopping sites which I’ve searched on Google and Twitter (yes, on Twitter! The candid stuff are there), and I’ve found Amazon, LastCall (Neiman Marcus), NastyGal, Zaful, and ASOS. I’ve tried almost every site but I’ve been advocating for ASOS ever since. Plus, it always feels good to receive a package since it feels like a gift and a reward for myself.

Here are the few items I consider every time I shop online:

1.         Style and Quality on a Budget

I love shopping online because it gives me a ton of options – I could always find the same design at a lesser price. Or I could just find styles based on my budget. I’m lucky since ASOS carry a lot of affordable to designer brands on their roster. There is really a variety of style and design from outerwear to dresses. And unlike other sites, the clothes that are on Sale and Outlet are still quality. My biggest perk buying clothes on ASOS is I’ve NEVER seen anyone wear the same outfits I bought. People usually ask where I got it though.

2.         Product Quality Check via Photos and Videos and Feedbacks

Most of my friends who oppose online shopping always argue that you can always be deceived by the quality of product you see online. It is true for a lot of shopping sites like Amazon (I love Amazon too, but I mean, how many memes were created by their users for a product fallacy? I am talking about the funny ones, btw). That’s why you really have to be detail oriented, check feedbacks, and photos from users.

On other sites like ASOS, you could see a detailed version of the dress clearly by viewing their photo or by watching its video. It’s not pixelated at all. It’s always helpful to check the quality and texture to make sure I’ll be comfortable wearing it.

3.         Convenience and Free Shipping Options

Most online shopping gives you a minimum spend for a free shipping perk. For ASOS, you could get a free standard shipping if you spend over $40.00 and 2-Day Shipping if you spend over $140. The latter is especially big deal to me since I usually buy my dresses within the week I need it and ASOS have never disappointed me with late shipping. Plus it’s free. Tip: Save the items you want in your cart and only buy it when you have reached the free shipping amount. LOL

4.         10% Student Discount

College students of the world can back me up. College students could always get 10% off on all purchases.  You must be a registered student – ASOS has a cheat-proof a system called Unidays. This system works with universities, colleges and leading retailers around the world to find a new way of verifying student status online.

I’m not a student, but this is really cool. Brands like Topshop offers this too.

5.         Easy Return and Refund Policies (Returns are free)

Honestly, I thought it would be much of a hassle to return my clothes when I bought a dress at a wrong size. I didn’t even try to ask and research, I was just lazy – in fact, the dress is still in my closet. Not until I really loved a pair of pants so bad and I had to read the guidelines and email them. It was really easy. Now whenever I have the wrong size, I just fill out a form online, leave it at the entrance for USPS to pick up for free. I even send it using the same package. Please don’t judge.

See below for some of the favorite outfits I bought on ASOS below: