A More Realistic New Years Resolution

Erika Sabalvoro photo by @amaphotographs

A Year of Self-Love

Photo by @amaphotographs

I have been pretty consistent keeping a list of New Years Resolution for more than 5 years now and honestly, most of them don't stick. Not because I'm inconsistent or just lazy, I just learn more things as I grow old- and it all affects how I view my current life and where I really wanted to be in. It's finally 2018 and I'm glad to announce I'm not running after a 20 pound something weight loss. This year is all about self-care- which is not limited to skin regimen, or makeup routine. 

1. Focus on my health

You can also get 25% off your first month of vitamins using my code: ERI25.

You can also get 25% off your first month of vitamins using my code: ERI25.

2017 is literally my stressful year by far. I got back to eating crap, smoking cigarettes, and not getting enough sleep - I think I just focused everything on working and trying new things without realizing I need to be functional in order to do well. 
This year I vowed to eat more healthy and sleep more, but being realistic, I can't do that all the time. I know I need to take supplements because I can't base all the nutrients and vitamins I need from the food that I don't usually eat. I'm all about moderation - there's nothing wrong with that! :)
I started taking supplements from Care/of Vitamins this year and I've never felt better. I took a quick quiz about my lifestyle and it recommended me the vitamins and minerals that would support it. After a few days, my order was shipped and I'm poppin em' vitamins.

Why I like it: 
It's personalized and it comes in cute little packets with random facts about your supplement, a witty note, or encouragement!! It gives me the vibes that it came from a dear friend who truly cares about me more than it is a scary reminder that I will get sick and feel crappy if I don't drink it. 

Care factor > Scare Factor
More details about Care/of by clicking this. Or read a review from Nylon if you're skeptic, 


erisabalvoro The Financial DIet and Broke Millennial

2. Budget!

I hate looking at my bank account because I hate I how much money when I pay the bills. I hate it more when I see my checking balance turn into 3 digits because of small lunch purchases and drinks. I hate it. Obviously, you can't expect to save while running away from money. There's just no other way. I started downloading Mint app to help me manage my money and read financial self-help books such as Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together and The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner's Guide to Getting Good with Money. This year is about application. Let's see how much I could save! LOL

Note: Healthcare is a necessity. Don't feel guilty spending money for your health and teeth!!

3. Invest

I currently have an account on and is investing in Ellevest and I'm planning to diversify my portfolio to Mutual Funds or ROTH IRA before 2018 ends. Call me a dummy but I'm still thinking about investing on cryptocurrency -  money not spent is as good as money earned, after all. 


4. Read one to two books per 2 weeks. Or listen to an audiobook.

I aimed to read 25 books last year but I was only able to read 21 books. This year I'm still aiming for a minimum of 25 books including audiobooks (which would be really possible because I could listen to it while walking) 

5. Write more (pitch more)

Secure at least one publication a month and create at least one to two blog post/s every month. 

6. Expand career network and business circles

Reconnect with people I met on events by reaching out for a late lunch or a quick chat over coffee!! Use LinkedIn to network and meet new people within the industry and ask for advice/tips on getting ahead. 

7. Reclaim my time!

I vow not to waste my time sitting on crappy dates where I could have caught up reading new articles from the publications I follow. And I also vow to leave and block people who provide me nothing but confusion and negativity. 

8. Eat less meat

Cut my meat intake and be a vegetarian soonish.. Since Filipino foods are mostly with meat and I just can't quit it 100%, I'm doing 80-20 where I will eat veggies 80% of the week and eat meat for only 20%. I am really trying to be realistic.

9. Cook more

And start doing most of the dishes I pinned on my Pinterest board.

10. Allot an hour every week w/o checking my phone

Microdose on information. Do yoga, pray, or write.. or do absolutely nothing. Read Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann or listen to Tom Hiddleston's soothing voice as he recite it. Or read Invictus poem by William Ernest Henley instead. We all need to take a break and do a little 'pause'. 

Never Forget: You are so much more than your productivity!! Live and laugh a little! :)