Eri's Room: Statement Mirror to Style Small Spaces

Dini Leaning Mirror in Matte Silver from Aiden Lane - Eri Sabalvoro
“Decorating small spaces is 75 percent visual manipulation.. and mirrors are hands-down the best way to trick the eye. They can make it seem like you’ve got way more square feet, height and light than you paid for.” - Designer Colman Riddell on Washington Post

I knew from the start that a full mirror will be a necessity since I love to dress up and I want to check if my outfit really looks nice before I step out. For almost a month, I was debating if I should buy a cheap full mirror or get a statement leaning mirror for my room. For the most part, I wanted to find a really cheap one and get over with it - but I hated imagining having a boring plastic mirror that will make my room look shabby. I wanted it to reflect me. When I saw this Dini Leaning Mirror, I've decided to get it in a heartbeat. 

I honestly liked this mirror for the following reasons:

  1. Easy installation. There's no need to put anchors in the wall to support the weight
  2. Large sized yet lightweight. You can carry it without anyone's help!! It also doesn't take a lot of space, given its size.
  3. Adds bold statement and elegance in the room. 
  4. Novelty Design. It's so nice just to look at how pretty it is.


HollyMartin Leaning Mirror.jpg

You can also check the following features if you need more info:

  • Features: Novelty (shape)
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Dimensions (Overall): 62.25 inches (H) x 20.25 inches (W) x 2.25 inches (D)
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Material: MDF (Frame)
  • Assembly Details: No assembly required
  • Mirror Height: 56.5 inches
  • Mount Type: Wall mount, free standing
  • Care and Cleaning: Use Glass Cleaner on Surface
  • Mirror Width: 14.5 inches 

This mirror honestly gives you a run for your money. I would even get a bigger version of this if possible - but realistically, this is perfectly designed for small spaces.

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