What Inspires You?

Watch the full campaign here: http://twtr.cm/SheInspiresMeFB

Watch the full campaign here: http://twtr.cm/SheInspiresMeFB

When I participated in Twitter's #SheInspiresMe campaign at Cannes Lions Festival 2017, one of the questions they asked me is 'What inspires you?' It's a pretty easy question and I answered 'my family and my race inspires me' in a heartbeat.

It's a tad funny because if you were to ask me a few years ago the same question, I'll just answer 'my mom and my dad'. Nothing else. It's no secret that I want to move to the United States so I could follow my mother I haven't seen in person for almost 15 years and to chase my American Dream. It's no secret that I'll always be a Daddy's girl and I will always try my best to pay back all the things my dad has given me, even beyond his means, just to give me a better life. Getting to that, I've realized how limiting it is. How it's also kind of selfish. There are bigger problems in the world and it is kind of insulting to hope for so little, to think only about your life. 

You see beauty and inspiration everywhere you go. At this era, I often read stories and news that just hits home. Some are vile and unfair, but it will only take one story to move me. I've been constantly exposed to rumors, realities, and complexities of being a woman and a brown immigrant, I don't even have the privilege to be neutral. That, and receiving encouraging words from all my friends who wish me well and people who told me I inspired them, makes me want to get up in the morning even how agonizing I feel. It made me march at Women's March with tons of strangers with the same values as I have. It made me do things I've never thought I would want to do. Inspiration comes with action items, does it? 

I paused to think. It really is not an easy question to answer unless you've been through something. I know a lot of people who choose to be isolated to the world unless the issues are affecting them directly. No amount of information would make anyone do something if they don't care, they are not willing. And so I ask the same question to you - What inspires you? I know it's personal and it could be self-serving, but I won't judge.

There is a ton of crap and things we don't like to see because it's inconvenient and ugly, but I could guarantee that it won't take too much time to look and understand. The world is an odd beautiful place, I hope you see that it still could be better.