My 10 Inspirational Takeways from Whoopi Goldberg at #C2Miami

Whoopi Goldberg at ColorComm

On July 26- 28, I ticked off another working perk and attended the 2017 ColorComm Conference at the Ritz-Carlton, Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida. This was the 4th inaugural conference of ColorComm Network, the premier membership organization that focuses on connecting women of color and advancing their visibility in the communications industry. The ColorComm Conference was an amazing and blissful business retreat, I've came back to DC fully motivated hearing from Monique Nelson, Hildy Kuryk, Dana Miller, Natalie Boden, MICHAEL ROTH, Heide Gardner, Ron Gurguis, and more fascinating speakers. 

ColorComm's Signature Luncheon (Closing Luncheon) was keynoted by Whoopi Goldberg, Host of ABC's Daytime Talk Show The View. I honestly expected Whoopi would be impeccably hilarious, which I was right, but she was also surprisingly serious- she came to the conference with something to say. In a room full of almost 400 women and very few white men(mostly sponsors), from entry-level professionals to Chief Executive Officers, Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the importance of women being an advocate for ALL women- including yourself.

Here are my top 10 inspirational takeaways from Whoopi Goldberg: 

1. "Find women who are not afraid you’re going to take their place."

Yass! Women should stop competing with each other and start empowering each other. We should stop seeing great women as a threat, but as an ally. It’s already difficult for us women to fight for our way. We need to do it all together, to have progress.

2. "Don’t be afraid to share what you know. When someone comes to you, provide support. As we are moving forward, we need all of us to move forward."

Mentor! Your value won't decrease if you share some of your knowledge. Equip younger women the guidance they need as they take another step at the ladder. Let's be the kind of role model we needed when we were younger - there will always be other girls looking up to you.

3. "Get over yourself. It’s not about our appearance. Just do your job."

Yep. It’s not about your weave or what you wear. Just get the job done.

4."Women should have to take pride of themselves."

Big hips. Small buns. Big eyes. Small eyes. Not everyone will be a Kardashian or wants to be one. It's all about being proud and confident with your skin while celebrating our differences.

5."Take control of the message. You have the power."

If you want more women of color in screen, write more stories about them. If you want to prove a stereotype wrong, call it out and prove it wrong. It starts with you.

6. "It’s harder for people to spit on you when you are looking at them in the face."

For the naysayers! I personally loved this quote since I've met a ton of people who tried to tell me I can't do a number of things because I'm an immigrant, like it's just really impossible. If I have burned bridges and just ignored them, I wouldn't be grateful to look at them in the eye as I show that they were so wrong. *flips hair*

7.  "If you’re not going to fight for it, it’s not going to come your way."

Life is unfair to everyone - it will not give you the opportunities you want because you think you deserve it. Nothing will be handed to you on a silver platter. Be busy chasing your goals, not spend time whining..

8.  "You’ll gonna lose periodically, but you’ll also gonna win."

A few setbacks shouldn’t be a reason for you to stop going. I know it's a cliche but trust the process.

9.   "My Mom told me 'you can do whatever you want to do, you just need to figure out how. And I believed."

This struck me by the heart since it reminded me of my dad. All it takes is just one significant person that will push us to believe in ourselves, and the rest will be ours.

10.  All it takes is one you to believe that you can.
There will be a lot of people on the street that would tell you 'you don’t have to dream big, it's already fun here'. You have to advocate for you and believe in yourself to chase those goals even how crazy it seems.


All these inspiring insights from Whoopi are kind of obvious and funny, but hearing it with a huge crowd made me realize how important it is to repeat it again and again until we really live the message. It's the kind of quotes to be seen on Pinterest and Instagram, except that this one will be on my heart and mind when the days aren't that sunny.