by the location


I grew up in in the nitty gritty streets of Tondo, Manila . I’m a city girl at heart, but I’ve always been fond of visiting different islands of the Philippines for leisure. I’ve been heavily influenced by the Filipino culture and I’ll always consider Philippines as my home, regardless of how long I have been living in the USA.


Bethesda, Maryland is my first home in the United States! I am a big art and culture nerd - and Maryland and Washington, DC are one of the best place to be immersed in it.


I’ve never lived anywhere else but Brooklyn when I moved to New York. I grew up in the city but I also loved art and being in a place where social stratification wasn’t such a huge thing - and that’s what I saw first in Brooklyn. I am currently living in Bed Stuyvesant, a few blocks a way from trains stations and hippie restaurant and bars, which what I currently need right now.