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Jobs Board

Bi-monthly Jobs Board

Scenario: Recruiters and employers are reaching out to us for diverse talents in PR, advertising, and digital. Since we are not a recruiting agency but wanted to help them, we created a way to connect them through us and our jobs board.

What I did: I created and designed a newsletter style jobs board (graphic not included) where recruiters and employers can post jobs through our organization. I created a payment gateway and post-payment page where they can fill out a form for their job posting needs.

What I still do: I am creating and executing a bi-monthly jobs board for over 40,000 people since 2017.

Why is it effective: It provides the organization another outlet to get $$ while also helping our clients find diverse and great talents.


Monthly Subscription Newsletter (Editorial Style)

I have sent out editorial style monthly newsletters for our patreons and subscribers.

Funtion: Updates our supporters and patreons about news on Immigration and Immigrants of America Project

Another function: Attract more people to fund us for operational purposes.

Open Rate: 41.7 %